HBM Canopies

Discover Canopies Crafted and Guaranteed in Lee County! Hickcox canopies are manufactured by us and backed by our local warranty. Withstanding heavy winds to hurricanes, we’re committed to protecting your investment through every storm. Engineered with durable aluminum frames, our canopies thrive in Florida’s salty climate and are designed to endure hurricane-force winds. Our premium vinyl tarps, shielded by warranty, offer superior sun resistance, ensuring long-lasting quality even under the harshest conditions.

Sting Ray Canopy

Elevate Your Boat's Defense with the Sting Ray Canopy Discover the Sting Ray Canopy, a cutting-edge creation from HBMI tailored for enhanced boat protection. Boasting unique drop-down sides for superior lateral coverage, this canopy offers a distinctive aesthetic while safeguarding your boat from the elements. Crafted with premium aluminum and meticulous attention to detail, the Sting Ray Canopy combines functionality with striking design to elevate your boating experience.

Manta Ray Canopy

Experience Superior Boat Protection with Our Manta Ray Canopy Introducing the Manta Ray Canopy, meticulously crafted by HBMI for unparalleled boat coverage. This innovative canopy features a sleek continuous arc design, maximizing width while ensuring robust aluminum construction. Designed to withstand the harshest marine environments, our Manta Ray Canopy provides exceptional shelter and durability, keeping your vessel protected in style.

Canopy Color Options:

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